Expert coaching and grant application help

Need help drafting your grant application?

If you’re a first-time startup founder — or even an experienced business owner — and you’re new to the government application process for grant funding, then getting a coach will increase your chances of long-term success.

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How to write a grant application — and more

Our Expert Facilitators will take you through the process from draft to lodgement and success, helping you leverage your efforts to target a range of different funding options and open up the scope for raising  investment capital.

There are literally thousands of grants available in Australia and almost every Startup and SME is eligible for one or more current, open grant schemes. By working with a coach, you will:

  • Increase your chances of success
  • Expand your horizons to a range of new schemes
  • Learn more about the strategic growth of your business and strengthen your business plan
  • Understand how to leverage government grants to win awards and attract investors
  • Create a funding roadmap to facilitate growth and enable you to scale

In the current economic and socio-political environment, it is absolutely essential for every business leader to develop the skills of grant writing as part of their plan for financial stability.

Does your business qualify for a government grant?

Do you qualify for a grant?